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Making preschool available to every child is one of the best investments we can make in our future. Preschool is estimated to return to the community $7-$10 for every dollar spent. This comes in the form of children better prepared for school and students achieving higher lifetime earnings and better health outcomes. It also helps communities lower rates of crime and teen pregnancy.

Following the lead of local parents and 33 of the 40 largest US cities providing high-quality, public preschool program; a coalition of 100+ Multnomah County public, private, and social sector leaders and preschool practitioners developed a roadmap for overcoming the barriers to providing universal preschool. After studying national best practices, and the unique needs of local children and families, this Preschool for All Task Force, led by Multnomah County Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson, is now recommending Multnomah County to advance a ballot initiative that will help all kids in our community be ready for school and life.

Achieving Preschool for All will take the investment of every member of our community. Building the awareness, coalition and strategy to win at the ballot box in 2020 is underway. We need your support now to be successful.

Your donation can help us win this fight for our future.