Preschool for All was developed with, as opposed to for, the community—centering the values and priorities of families and providers of color from the start. 

We’re working to give every 3 and 4-year-old in Multnomah County access to high-quality preschool programs that are right for them—tuition-free for all families, and prioritizing access to early slots for families below Multnomah County’s Self-Sufficiency Standard (currently $89,273 for a family with two adults, a preschooler, and an infant). 

We envision a program that is:


  • Serves all 3- and 4-year-olds, with no tuition cost to families
  • Prioritizes black and brown children, children who speak languages other than English, children experiencing poverty, and children with developmental delays and disabilities. 
  • Offers a mixed delivery model with a range of options to meet family needs: in-home programs and center-based care; full-day, part-day, and extended-day programs; and school-year and year-round options will all be available, as well as multi-generational and culturally specific early learning programs. 
  • Promotes inclusive environments by prohibiting suspensions and expulsions.


  • Adds capacity as quickly as possible, while maintaining program quality and a commitment to equity. The plan includes strategies to grow the program to full capacity at a sustainable pace, while acknowledging existing system capacity constraints and avoiding unintended consequences for existing preschool and child care providers—particularly small community-based providers and providers of color.  
  • Offers a living wage for providers – teachers on par with kindergarten teachers; assistants minimum $18/hr. 
  • Aligns learning and development standards with Oregon Early Learning through Kindergarten Framework; focused on whole child. 
  • Invests in workforce development including coaching, professional development, and equity-focused pathways to higher education and community training.
  • Preserves and increases the diversity of the workforce through credential requirements that allow for training in both higher education and community-based environments. 


  • Invests in infrastructure through funds that support providers to meet regulatory requirements (licensing, fire code, etc) and upgrade facilities to improve quality. 
  • Ensures community-based oversight and accountability to voters through advisory board that includes parents and providers. 

Download the Preschool for All Plan as a PDF!